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• Natural Gas Alarm Controller

Gas alarm device detects combustible gases like natural gas or LPG . It detects any or a mixture of metan (CH4), propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) gases.

When 230VAC 50Hz power is applied to detector, green led turns on. After preheat time of 1.5minute it will be ready for gas leakage detection. No test gas should be applied to the device during preheat time. When concentration of gas leakage is above alarm level, detector goes into alarm mode and gives audible alarm within 10 seconds and
red led turns on. In this mode, if detector relay output is connected to a solenoid valve, it shuts off the gas flow. As long as gas concentration is above alarming level, device stays in alarm mode. When gas concentration drops below alarm level, detector goes into watching mode and it is ready for further detection. When electricty is cut off, the
device does not work. During possible gas leakage, in order to automatically activate any available external devices such as fan, shut off valve, siren, 230VAC relay output should be connected to those devices at installation. Maximum allowed current drawn from relay output is 7A. As long as total output current is below maximum allowed current limit of 7A, any number of devices can be connected to the relay ouput.
Gas Alarm device is designed to detect gas leakage of natural gas, LPG and coal gas at domestic premises. It is an always on electrical device with fixed installation. By use of its relay output, during gas leakage it is able to switch on devices like fan, shut off valve, siren.
For combustible gases minimum concentation level which does not cause any combustion in the environment is called LEL (lower explosive limit), shown in percentage volume.
For natural gas (metan) LEL is %5 and for lpg LEL is %2. Gas alarm device gives visible and audible alarms well before these LEL values.
• Alarm level for natural gas is 0.5% (five in thousand) or 5000ppm (five thousand parts per million)
• Alarm level for LPG is 0.3% (three in thousand) or 3000ppm (three thousand parts per million)
When deciding the place of gas alarm, priority should be given to places where leaked gas is likely to accumulate more. Never install the device at this places
Over oven

Places with high smell

Next to fan
Any place outside
Closed cupboard
Next to open windows, places with high vapor, very hot places
Control and Test
Plug in the device
Green LED turns on when it is plugged in
Wait 1.5 minute for preheat time. Do not apply any test gas during this time
Apply lighter gas to test the device. (do not light the lighter)
Audible alarm is heard and red led turns on
If yellow led is always on, consult the service center
Control the gas alarm device at least once in a year. Clean it with soft fabric or brush, use cleaning materials without alcohol
Natural Gas Alarm Controller
• Pneumatic Rotary Rack and Pinion Type Actuators
Double- Single Acting / 3 position / 180°
On-off and proportional control of Ball, Butterfly  Valves, dampers
RA 32 – RA 400 ( 2 - 3650 NM)
Supply Air Pressure
2,5 - 8 bar
ISO 5211 Standard
Stroke adjustment available
Pneumatic Rotary Rack and Pinion Type Actuators
• TORK Rotary Electric Actuator
TORK ,T-REA Series Rotary Electric Actuators;are used smal size valve automation, on-off or proportional for aquater turn (90 degree)valves and dampers TORK Rotary Electric Actuators torque output ranges ; from 40Nm ......upto 3000Nm,different sizes.working voltageı:220V, 24 V, 380V . and explosion proof models are available application: ball valves,butterfly valves,dampers,plug valves , on-off or proportional control
T-REA Electric actuator range of series
T-REA .40....60 Serie: small,compact,,on-off  and proportional works ,low torque value .Max.60Nm.
T-REA.80.....1200 Serie: Big,compact serie,on-off  and proportional worksr,high torque output.80Nm..
..1200Nm Ex-proof models available.
T-REA.2000....3000 Serei: Biggist ,compact series high torque output.2000Nm....3000Nm
proportional andEx-proof models are available

T-REA.B60...1200 Serie: When electric power cut during electric actuator work, it turn firs position
Emergency application  rechargiable battery back up electric actuators works like spring return actuators.

TORK Rotary Electric Actuator
Natural Gas Alarm Controller
Tork Solenoid Valve 
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