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Solenoid Valves
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Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves


Drill Speed Regulators


 Hydraulic Speed Controllers / Hydraulic Check  

World's Best Speed Regulators for Moving Devices

  • Compact & Powerful    (load upto 800 kgs)
  • Easy to Install, Leakproof
  • Constant Speed
  • Life of millions of cycles without leaking

The SLIMLINE KINECHEK is the original hydraulic check that has set the industry standards for compactness, reliability and constancy in feed control. It is available in stroke lengths of 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch; all with a 1200 lb. maximum capacity. The wide selection of models described below will provide a solution to most of your motion control problems. Please contact factory if you have requirements for thrust loads greater than 1,200 lbs.

• Mini-K (Stroke 13mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm.
Load upto 400 lbs)

• Slimline Kinechek (Stroke 13mm, 25mm, 50mm,
75mm. Load upto 1200 lbs)

• Super K (Stroke 100mm, 150mm. Load upto
1200 lbs)

Hydraulic Speed Controllers / Hydraulic Check

Leak-proof Adjustable and Self Adjusting Industrial Shock Absorbers

Hydraulic Speed Controllers / Hydraulic Check
Drilling to a depth of more than three times the drill diameter often requires peck drilling where the drill is repeatedly withdrawn to remove waste cuttings while being advanced in steps deeper and deeper during each feed movement.  For efficient peck drilling, the KINECHEK hydraulic feed control must be arranged to act only while the drill is cutting.
Solenoid Valves
Tork Solenoid Valve 
Air, Water, Gas, Steam, Natural Gas, LPG, Gasoline, Diesel Oil, Oil Hydraulic Oil, CO2, N2, H2, Acid, Hygienic Fluids
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